A Michigan Mom’s Homemade Remedy Grows into Natural Skincare Line #DirtyGirlFarm


A Mother’s Homemade Skin Remedy For Her Infant Turns Into A Thriving Skincare Company!


Meet Michigan Farmer Turned Beauty Pioneer, Heather Rosencrantz Dirty Girl Farm Crafts Organic Skincare for the Entire Family.

Heather Rosencrantz is the Founder of Dirty Girl Farm based in Royal Oak, MI and is an early innovator of “clean beauty” – skincare made with only natural, plant-based ingredients.

She started her business over two decades ago, in 1994, as a botanical grower selling plants at a local farmers market and then introduced a DIY plant-based skincare product she had made at home to help remedy her then infant daughter’s skin rash.

The homemade prodcut, called “Boo Boo Balm” was developed to relieve her daughter’s itchy and irritated skin. It worked wonders for her baby girl and when she brought Boo Boo Balm to her farm stand where she sold botanicals, at the encouragement of friends and family, it sold out instantly and Dirty Girl Farm skincare was born!

Dirty Girl Farm now has hundreds of skincare products and a flagship store in Royal Oak, MI with online sales across the U.S.

What makes this local Detroit Michigan area company so special is that the founder, Heather, draws inspiration from her own journey developing organic eco-friendly skincare for her own child. She taps into plant life and her extensive knowledge of botanicals to mindfully make healthy, plant-based skincare remedies for kids, parents, and the entire family.

A Sampling of Dirty Girl Farm’s Skincare for Kids…

Boo Boo Balm
Heal Your Child’s Skin With Natural Ingredients!

Great for any “boo boo!” This comfrey balm encourages bone, cartilage and muscle cells to grow and heal. Also proven to soften and lessen the appearance of scars! Ingredients: comfrey-infused olive oil, beeswax.

Rose Balm (chapped checks and faces)
Kids Needing Skin Protection in the Bitter, Cold Winter Months!

Rose Balm creates a barrier on the skin preventing wind burned cheeks or dry chaffed hands. Gentle enough for especially dry areas such as elbows and knees and even irritated baby bottoms.

Wild Oat and Honey Lotion
A Gentle and Soothing Lotion For Kids’ Sensitive Skin
*Heather recommends this lotion for customers that come in seeking a remedy for their child’s irritated skin.

Wild oats and organic honey combine in this lotion to create an extremely soothing formula for sensitive skin. Wonderful for children with itchy or irritated skin. Wild Oat and Honey Lotion works well for those summertime bug bites and heat rash, too!

Just for Baby Lotion
Moisturize Baby Skin with Organic, Gentle Ingredients From Nature

Free of parabens and nut oils, this Just for Baby Organic Lotion is perfect for your baby’s delicate or sensitive skin. Chamomile and lavender essential oils not only soothe skin and also calm the senses.

Crib Spray
Lull Your Baby to Sleep With Calming Essential Oils
*This is a wonderful spray to have in the car to spray on car seats if your child is getting fussy. The aroma is relaxing and calming.

Made with lavender, German chamomile and Roman chamomile essential oils, this crib spray is sure to soothe any fussy baby into a peaceful sleep! Lightly spray all linens, crib and pajamas before bedtime.

Here is Dirty Girl Farm’s Founder with the company’s eco-friendly packing peanuts.

They are made from cornstarch and naturally biodegradable.  Everything is eco-friendly about her natural beauty business — From the products to the packaging!

About Dirty Girl Farm

Dirty Girl Farm (DGF) is a vegan and organic plant-based skincare line and lifestyle brand dedicated to improving wellness for the entire family, naturally.  Each product is lovingly crafted with the intention to nourish skin from head to toe by tapping into the healing qualities of plant life.

DGF was one of the first clean beauty brands.  It has flourished since its inception at a small farm stand in 1994, into a thriving business with over 400 products, a retail flagship at Royal Oak Farmers Market in Michigan, and online sales spanning the United States.  To learn more about Dirty Girl Farm please visit www.DirtyGirlFarm.com online or @DirtyGirlFarm on social media.

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