Author: Huli Life

We are passionate about family health physically, emotionally, and spiritually. During the past 20 plus years our family has worked through so many life lessons, such as what health technique hacks, supplement scams, how to deal with disapointment in life and many more practical information. Keeping track of what actually helps and what has set us back as a family is super important info to share. There are so many life hacks, and supplement reviews that we love to share, and this blog will be a tool for my family to look back as a reference when we need to know that special tip on how to cure tooth pain fast or that time when your friend's baby has that crazy diaper rash that just won't let up. We are here to share our life experiences, and remedies with you, and with our family!! Huli is a Hawaiin word that means to "Turn". We all have the power to turn our lives around:))