A Blind Guide to Normal – Book Review

A Blind Guide to Normal is a companion sequel to Vrabel’s A Blind Guide to Stinkville that we shared as a review last December in 2015.  Vrabel does a great job once again to share a middle school fiction for young readers ages 8-12, that even my 15-year old also enjoys.  Her new book intertwines characters from the previous companion.

Bully Bean: By Thomas Weck and Peter Weck {Book Review}

Bully Bean by Thomas Weck and Peter Weck is one of five books in the Lima Bear Press series. “Lima Bear® Press has a very straightforward mission: to publish children’s stories that are, engaging, imaginative, and humorous while each carries an important life message such as tolerance, honesty, forgiveness, courage, friendship, and teamwork.” These books are for children ages 3-8 and deliver a valuable life lesson in each.