What Causes an Engine to Overheat?

When driving along a highway, have you ever noticed a vehicle on the shoulder with smoke coming out of the hood? This is a sign that the engine has overheated. I have always had this fear, but instead of worrying about it, it’s best to be prepared…

Teens Driving with Other Teens

Should teenage drivers be allowed to have other teens in their car? Tough question, right? Some states have laws that prohibit brand new drivers from having other minors in their car for a specified period of time….

The Importance of Good Tires in the Winter

Are you driving with balding tires this winter? This is definitely not safe and something that should be taken care of ASAP! So many things can go wrong ranging from blowouts to poor handling and braking at high speeds. These have proven to be fatal…

Is an Electric Car for You?

Have you ever considered purchasing an electric car? An electric car isn’t just one style like you may think. They come in Hybrid Electric Vehicle, Plug-In Hybrid, and Plug-In Electric.