20% Off For You, 5% Back to Inspire Citizens Ends Aug. 5

Giving is at the core of Tea Collection’s mission to be good global citizens. To them, that means supporting children who make a difference – whether it’s helping a neighbor, volunteering, or making sure no one sits alone at lunch. These five kids show the kindness, compassion and determination that make the world a better place. And they inspire all of us to be the best citizens we can be, both in our communities at home and in the way we consider our impact on the wider world.

A Child Unheard Foundation Strives to Make Christmas Dreams of Poverty-Stricken Kids a Reality

A Child Unheard Foundation (ACU), a charity dedicated to establishing centres in the UK, throughout Africa and beyond in order to provide safe havens and healing opportunities for young people and parents who have suffered unspeakable adversity, was recently involved in telling the heart-warming story of one such youngster living in poverty-stricken Ghana.