Let’s Talk Chili! – Interview with Cooking Channel Host/Cookbook Author Jeffrey Saad

Join TV Chef Jeffrey Saad in his recent interview for Michigan Mom Living as he talks about new, seasonal twists to chili, based on recent survey findings that identified how Americans prefer to eat this hearty dish. Chef Saad also discusses the results of the new survey and what it says about people’s choices in chili cooking methods and essential chili ingredients.

Enjoy Healthier Family Meals with Weight Watchers Family Meals Cookbook! {Mommy Review}

As a mom of two busy little boys I find myself asking the question daily, “what should I make for dinner?” I am sure all of us have been there staring at the fridge and trying to find something that meets our dinner criteria. For me personally, this includes something semi healthy, yet something my kids and husband will still eat and will not take me forever to make.