3 DIY Tips for Moms {Guest Post}

Guest Post by Jennifer Dawson-Home improvement isn’t just for dads. Moms can make their homes look stunning, too, but there are still essential tips moms must know before taking on their first big DIY project…

DIY Race Tracks for Kids

Kids and creativity go hand-in-hand even when it comes to making things whether indoors or outdoors. I recently came across a few ideas on how kids can make their own race tracks for toy cars. These ideas are not only brilliant, but pretty easy to execute as well.

DIY Car Diffusers

In a previous post I talked about how you can make your own car air fresheners to keep your car smelling fresh and clean.  Have you ever considered a DIY car diffuser?  That’s right.  While  you can purchase a pricey car diffuser, it’s easier and much more inexpensive to make your very own.

DIY Carwash Fun with the Kiddies

Need a car wash? Involve the kiddies! Have them get their bathing suits and get ready to get wet and have fun all the while cleaning the family car. All you will need is buckets of water, car soap, rags, and a hose. If you prefer DIY soap without chemicals, you can find those recipes on Pinterest.

DIY Car Wax

A good car waxing makes a car look fantastic! Many of the local car washes give you the option to purchase a car wax with your car wash.

DIY Car Cleaner

Are you tired of using store bought car cleaners that just don’t seem to get the job done? I found myself feeling this way. What if you could just make your own car cleaner? It’s cheaper and probably more effective without those harsh chemicals.