A Resource Guide for Michigan Veteran Families {Guest Post}

From the stress of active duty to missing important milestones in a child’s life due to deployment, it can be difficult to balance service expectations with parenting practices. Service changes everyone, and this is especially noticeable within one’s own home, amongst family and loved ones, who continue to grow and change whether someone is present or not.

A Blind Guide to Normal – Book Review

A Blind Guide to Normal is a companion sequel to Vrabel’s A Blind Guide to Stinkville that we shared as a review last December in 2015.  Vrabel does a great job once again to share a middle school fiction for young readers ages 8-12, that even my 15-year old also enjoys.  Her new book intertwines characters from the previous companion.

Parent and Child Safety Driving Guide

Sometimes parenthood can feel like a rollercoaster of anxiety – after all, there are so many things that can go wrong in the course of a day, especially when our kids are away at school or out with friends. Danger from our highways is one of these risks, and in this case, our fears are well-grounded: car accidents are the number one cause of death of both children and adults in the US today.