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Introducing Joie Vawter of The Complete Dancer

Joie Vawter is a Michigan Mom that loves to do her own thing.  She has been an entrepreneur since she was 19 years old and is still pursuing her dreams.  She has always wanted to own her own dance studio from the time she was little and this past spring her dream started to look like a reality.  Then in July 2011, it did become a reality, she opened the doors of her one room studio on July 6, 2011.  She homeschools her kiddos so they have been very much in on this new journey with Joie and her husband Jeff.  Joie is committed to give people and her dancers the best value for their money and her time without sacrificing proper technique, ever.  Joie is very passionate about dance, it is the language of her soul.  She loves to share her passion with others for dance and dance fitness.  That is why she not only offers dance, she offers alternative dance fitness classes as well…Think Pilates, Barre Workout, Belly Dancing or Hoop Dance.  Her favorite form of dance by far however, is Ballroom & Latin Dancing.  Her studio offers Ballroom & Latin dancing not only to adults but to our youth as well!  She is very connected in the community and loves to do community events such as; Parades, National Dance Day where she offers free classes to the community, Workshops, Dance Parties, Flash Mobs, Classes at the City of Novi, Choreograph for Brooksie Way Events, Free Community Performances, Warm-up participants of Hydrocephalus Walk, and Fine Arts. Joie also offers free seminars to the community on Health & Wellness and she is open to the high-functioning Special Needs children in her community.  She believes a healthy lifestyle through dance is important for everyone no matter their age. She works with little ones as young as three years of age through one’s golden years.  She does also offer a Mommy & Me class for moms with babies.

TCD is where Dance & Fitness become One” – Joie Vawter

The Complete Dancer is a green studio.  We communicate mostly through verbal communication, email, or our website.  We also make our own all natural cleaning products, simply using; water, vinegar, rubbing alcohol & tea tree oil.  We also re-use costumes when possible to reduce our material consumption.  TCD has a costume buy back policy to entice our members to participate in re-using costumes.

“We are trying to create a love of dance & fitness with proper technique.” -Joie Vawter

About the Complete Dancer

Welcome to The Complete Dancer, we are so excited you are considering our studio.  Thank-you!
The Complete Dancer is aimed to bring dance and fitness together as one,  making it a way of life.
We offer dance and fitness classes of various  styles.  We hope to provide a fun way and place to spend your time  meeting new goals in dance and fitness for your “me” time, to fulfill  your dream of performing, competing, or making new friends that share  your interests. We hope to bring joy to your life in a cost effective  and comprehensive way no matter your age, fitness or dance level.   We love to highlight our Ballroom & Latin dance classes for kids & adults.  We hope to foster a love of Ballet in our dancers and a love of being fit in our fitness members too!  Ages 3 through the Golden Years are Welcome!”

“Dance is walking with an attitude & purpose.” -Joie Vawter


Dance Styles:
Ballroom & Latin
Line Dance
Creative Movement
Alternative Fitness Styles:
Belly Dance
Core Rhythms
Pole Fitness

Pre-school (3s & 4s)
Kids           (5 – 17)
Performance Troupe
Competition Troupe

Contact Info

If you would like to contact Joie regarding tours and other info relevant to the studio, here is her contact info below.  Joie is hardworking and dedicated to her business.   I know Joie personally and she is a devoted and loving mother.  It is evident that she takes pride in the Complete Dancer.  I have heard nothing but great things regarding this Michigan mom business.  It is a pleasure to showcase this business to all Michigan families alike.

Facebook page;
Twitter; TheCompleteDncr

Peace ♥ Dance,
Joie & Staff

The Complete Dancer
45053 W. Pontiac Tr.
Novi, MI 48390

Image courtesy of The Complete Dancer

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