Online recipe exchange with Michigan Home Mommy Works

To pass the time during the Michigan Home Mommy Works website transition (twiddling thumbs and whistling), I thought I would take this time to talk about recipe exchanges.  Busy moms love recipe exchanges right?  I know I do so in planning the next launch of Michigan Home Mommy Works I opted to add a “Recipe Exchange” tab where Michigan business moms can submit a recipe idea to share with other moms.  I haven’t yet decided how the recipe exchange will exactly work whether I will have a submission form or just simply submit through email.  Whatever the decision, no worries it will be a simple task for all Michigan business moms to enjoy.  I will also be adding a “Pinterest” button on the page so that you can even share with others in that particular community.  I am even considering recipe contests and featuring the most voted recipe.  Sound like fun?

Speaking of “featuring” if you haven’t had a chance to submit your business info with picture/logo/banner, etc., please feel free to do so that I may feature your Michigan mom business with a sidebar business listing.  You will want to take advantage of this “Free” opportunity during phase 1 of the website launch.   All I am requesting at this time is a $15 donation towards improvement of the website.  I am anticipating that after phase 2 of Michigan Home Mommy Works has been launched my pricing package will be made available.  If you know of a Michigan mom with a home-based business that would like their business listed, feel free to send them my way. 

Thanks for your support!


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