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Okay Michigan business moms, you have probably heard of extreme couponing and dreamed of making this a reality in your grocery shopping adventures right? I know I have but I don’t know that I have the time to go all out like some of those amazing moms out there, but I do take the time to save as much money as possible.  I am hoping that is admirable in itself, maybe a little? Oh well, either way those coupons can add up and become an overwhelming problem (paper clutter, ugh) if not organized properly.

I am excited to have come across a wonderful site called, Mom Saves.  It’s your coupon organizer HDQ.  Upon researching this mom site, I couldn’t help but sign up Michigan Home Mommy Works as an affiliate. (All monies earned from these products will go towards constant improvement of Michigan Home Mommy Works.)  The coupon organizer button is on the right hand side of the Michigan Home Mommy Works homepage under “organized mom.”

What is unique about the coupon organizer is that you can build it yourself.  Nice, right?  This idea allows you to build it around your intentions for “maximum savings.” (  You can also  create a “completely personalized coupon organizer.”  Basically, you build it out of items you already have in your home.  Or, you can order already made coupon binder kits to get you started.  I totally love the concept. The coupon kit is downloadable and can be printed right at home.  I think this is ideal for the busy Michigan business mom.  As busy as life can become, it’s always nice to stay organized in all areas of life, especially when it comes to coupons and grocery shopping.

Coming Soon: Mom’s Online Coupon Classes at

*If you are a Michigan business mom interested in doing a review on one of the products from, contact me at   It’s a chance to keep the item you decide to review or even giveaway to another business mom in Michigan.  Your review will be published here on Michigan Home Mommy Works.


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