Bridge Fest Craft Show

Calling on all Michigan business mom vendors…………….

Bridge Fest Craft Show would love to showcase some Michigan Mommy’s with home-based businesses! This show is an outdoor event held during Bridge Fest in Bridgeport (1 exit North of Birch Run on I-75).  Booth space starts out at only $25 for the entire weekend!  The Craft Show will run:

 Saturday, June 9th from 11am-7pm 
 Sunday, June 10th from 12pm-5pm. 

The Bridge Fest Craft Show is an excellent opportunity for Michigan business mom vendors.  It’s also a chance to sneak in some shopping in Birch Run.  Can’t beat that.  If you are interested in renting a booth for your crafts at the Bridge Fest Craft Show, contact Stefanie at

*If you would like to see your event listed on Michigan Home Mommy Works contact me at for details.

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Lindsey Jenn

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