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I am delighted to say that my new blog/site design is awesome and will be available for your viewing pleasure within the next few days.  I just approved the second draft, the advertising button, and my matching social icons.  Installation will be taking place very soon.  Phase three of the site will be available way sooner than I anticipated due to the blog doing better than expected this stage of the game.  Such a blessing! God is awesome!

I have decided to add a new feature in phase two for Michigan mom consultants.  This is also where moms desiring to work from home can view and possibly join a consultant team to begin building a Michigan mom home business.  If you are a mom consultant and would like to be listed on the mom consultant page, please send your info to  I have a received a few interests so far which will be added in the next launch.  I will also be planning a “Mom Consultant Network” in phase three for those interested in this opportunity.  There will be a yearly fee, but you will be amazed at how much.  I will save this information for a future post.

Other changes include but are not limited to: A recipe exchange page (This is where Michigan moms can submit quick and easy recipe ideas for busy moms),  Deals for moms (printable coupons and deals for the busy Michigan mom), and more. 

I will have more detailed info on advertising, reviews, and giveaways for those interested.  I will still have Michigan mom featured posts with business listings.  Prices are still to be determined.  I may have an angle on that which I will share later.  I am considering possible membership for those interested  or a chance to earn “Michigan Home Mommy Works” points that go towards advertising, posts, listings, etc.  This is still to be determined as well.  I have a boat load of ideas but need to keep it all in check as I don’t want my excitement to get the better of me, haha!

Thank you so much for your support and patience in this transition thus far.  I most certainly could not have done this without all of you.  It’s the readers that make this so special and has been my vision for quite some time.  Please continue to spread the word to Michigan business moms and now Michigan moms desiring to work from home to be with their children.  Together, we can make this thing happen! 

Many Blessings!


Lindsey Jenn

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