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Happy Tuesday! Are you a professional photographer or know of someone who happens to be a professional photographer? If you answered yes to one or both, you will most definitely want to continue reading.

I am SUPER excited to introduce to you a business based in Traverse City, Michigan: MorePhotos:A Better Way to Browse Facebook Albums.  MorePhotos “helps professional photographers proof and sell their images on beautiful websites.”

Here is a little more history about MorePhotos:

In June 1998, WD Web began development on MorePhotos, photo posting software that provides photography professionals with an Internet sales solution for their product. Since its launch in January of 2000, MorePhotos has become a lead innovator in the online photo proofing and sales market. The concept behind the product is a turnkey web presence for professional photographers to upload and sell their photographs to anyone with an Internet connection, anywhere in the world. The result of clients using the software is increased sales and exposure using simple to use tools and marketing concepts.”~MorePhotos (WD Web)

This is most definitely a brilliant concept in the wonderful world of Photography.  It’s easy to get started.  CLICK HERE. This will take you to their MorePhotos Facebook App.  You will need to login with Facebook first.  You will then decide who can see you using the App such as ‘just friends, ‘public’, etc.  After this has been achieved, the rest is straight forward.  These are the tabs contained in the MorePhotos Facebook App:
  • My Account
  • My Settings
  • My Sales
  • Tutorials/Links
  • Price Sheets
  • Manage Galleries
  • Preview Galleries
  • Cart
  • Orders

Here is a screenshot of my page below after logging in through Facebook just to give you an idea:  (Click image to get a closer look)

    Pretty awesome, right?  I love the simplicity yet it’s very eye catching.  I’m not a professional photographer yet the format makes me want to become one just so I can utilize the MorePhotos App, haha. While I cannot foresee myself becoming a professional photographer anytime soon, I am still excited to share this with all of my professional photographer friends out there, you know who you are. If you are reading this and you are NOT a photographer, feel free to pass this info onto a professional photographer you may be friends with or even acquainted with. 

    The goal for MorePhotos is to “Bring Professional Creativity To Facebook.”  I think that this will catch on very quickly.  If you as a photographer want to learn more about MorePhotos and what they have to offer for your photography business, check out their website by clicking HERE.  Through the MorePhotos business website, you will be able to:

    • Choose from 100’s of website layouts
    • Sell online with a flexible shopping cart
    • Utilize Marketing Tools to drive traffic

    I would like to thank the staff over at MorePhotos for allowing me to feature their amazing business with us.  It has been an absolute joy and privilege.  If you would like to contact them directly, here is their info:

    WD Web Company/MorePhotos
    10850 E. Traverse Hwy.
    Suite 2225
    Traverse City, MI 49684 
    (231) 932-0855

    Follow MorePhotos on Facebook and Twitter!

    Source: MorePhotos
    Images courtesy of: MorePhotos

    If you would like your business to be featured here on Michigan Home Mommy Works, please contact me at  I look forward to working with you.

    Lindsey Jenn

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