Recess! Family Music Fest Metro Detroit Ticket Giveaway


Disclaimer: I received these music fest tickets in exchange for a giveaway I did on a local homeschooling blog. The tickets are now in my possession to give away to a local reader because I am unable to use them.

Happy Tuesday!  I have 5 tickets up for grabs for the upcoming Recess! Family Music Fest.  I received them a few weeks back in exchange for a post I did on another blog site. I will not be able to use these tickets as an unexpected family getaway came up, so we are of course going to take it.  I would hate to see these tickets go to waste.
Again, I have in my hand 5 tickets for the Recess! Family Music Fest, Rain or Shine, at the Meadow Brook Music Fest (Belle Tire Concert Series) for Saturday, June 22nd, @ 11:00 am.  Here are other ticket details:
  • Section: PAV10
  • Row KK
  • Seats 209-213

This is only a 3-day giveaway as I want to be able to mail the winner their tickets well in advance of the music fest.  Feel free to spread the word to family and friends local to the Metro Detroit area who could utilize these tickets.

Happy Entering!

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