Speed up your Social Media with HootSuite

HootSuite Social Media Management for Business.

I recently came across an awesome social media management system that has actually helped my home business.  Have you ever heard of Hootsuite?

HootSuite is beyond awesome and it’s all I use to manage my social networks.  It also makes life so much easier. 

What is HootSuite?

It is the “#1 Social Relationship Platform!”  So this means whether you use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, google+, and YouTube, HooteSuite is here to help you manage them all in one place. Up to 100 social profiles can be managed.  Basically you get to schedule hundreds of messages and even launch multiple campaigns, and yes, all at once.  Let’s just say that I have saved literally hours a week doing it this way.  HootSuite has been my best friend when it comes to social media management. 

Why is social media management so important this day and age?  Well it’s definitely signs of the times.  Practically every business uses the social media to market themselves. Without it, competition could potentially bury a business. This I have experienced first hand.  Don’t let that happen!

HooteSuite is currently offering 50% off HootSuite Pro for 90 days!  Hurry, this offer expires September 30, 2013.  Just use this code: HOOTXA90 to get your offer.

What have you used to speed up your Social Media?  Would you consider HootSuite?

Lindsey Jenn

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