Tips for Boosting Online Sales this Holiday Season

Tips for Boosting Online Sales this Holiday Season

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Selling products online was once reserved for the tech savvy, but, now it’s expected by customers and vital to any successful business…  Credit card processing disruptor TOTAL-APPS (featured on “Inc. Magazine’s 5000 List” for 2013) predicts online selling will continue to skyrocket in 2014 and offers “Tips for Selling Online this Holiday Season.”

  • Add video to your page in new ways: Rather than a boring embed, consider spicing up your online video.  Treepodia has a cool tool that converts static product images into a 15 –second video clip. Another cutting edge video tool is Vimation, which converts the last frame of a video into a buy page.
  • Stay up on security: For credit card and ID validation, consider Jumio.  Basically, a customer can snap a picture of their DL or CC using either a smart phone or a PC webcam. This makes for powerful fraud scrubbing, as it can be used to easily authenticate any transaction before shipping occurs. Or try Device Fingerprinting, which enables merchants to better authenticate their consumers and spot fraud easily, in real time.
  • Find an online payment system that’s right for you: Whether you’re collecting cards in a retail setting, processing cards on a smartphone, or setting up an online shopping cart or gateway, you’ll want to select your online payment system carefully.  For example, for those increasingly popular smart phone transactions, consider

What they are offering:

  • More in-depth tips from a TOTAL APPS spokesperson. TOTAL-APPS (Total Advanced Payment Processing Solutions) offers merchants the latest e-commerce technologies to help them grow their business.

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