Enchanted Princess Ball

Enchanted Princess Ball

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Toe Nails polished, snow white costume on, and the final touches of a little dab of red lipstick as our magical afternoon was about to begin.

My 4 year old daughter Bella could not wait to enter the Enchanted Princess Ball at the World of Wonder Early Learning Center in Fenton on October 20th. It was all she talked about for 3 weeks prior to the event when my mom presented her with the tickets.

We arrived to the Ball where Mary Poppins greeted her at the door. We walked down the long-awaited hallway an hour before the production to have her nails polished, glittering princess wands and bedazzled Princess t shirts purchased. Prince Charming then arrived to read all the princesses a underwater adventure of The Little Mermaid. Then, the time had come where the Ball was about to begin.

As we walked over the bridge with 2 live ponds of goldfish underneath, Bella gasped with excitement. We were magically taken into a fairyland that every little girl has dreamed about. The twinkling lights over the linen clothed tablecloths were breathtaking. The scene of the castle before us was magnificient. The 6 foot wishing fountain under an iron grated gazebo was mystical.


The production was as good as a Broadway Show. The actors and actresses were seemed to be pulled out of a storybook. They showcased multiple Disney movies in a 3 hour creation with an intermission of sparkling punch and princess cookies. After the performance was over all of the princesses came out and the kids were able to get their autographs and pictures taken with them. You know it was worth the $18 per ticket when my 4 year old said on our way home “Mom, this was the best day of my  life”.

More than 800 tickets were sold for the four shows held that weekend. A portion of the proceeds will benefit the center.

The next Enchanted Princess Ball will be held at Immanuel Lutheran School in Macomb Michigan November 16-17.  For more information and tickets go to www.enchantedprincessball.com

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2 thoughts on “Enchanted Princess Ball

  1. I’m attended the ball in lapeer michigan on Jan 21.
    I took my 8 year old granddaughter and her friend.
    Our table was last in the back, which was ok as we were told there was no bad seats as the entertainers would be all over the room……….NOT SO !!!
    The girls could only see the princesses from the shoulders up ,missing all the dancing that I hoped they would see. AND,,,,, not one princess came any where near our table. It was a beautiful show full of talent,,, I’m just sad the girls missed the high lights !!
    Suggest you add more shows, less tables. If it’s for little girls, little girls should be able to SEE the show!

    1. Very sorry to hear that Trudy. Please feel free to contact them and share your experience. Or if you would prefer, I would be happy to forward the info. I am not affiliated with the company, just posted a submitted event request. Thanks and have a great day!

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