RAW Pet Food Made Easy

RAW Pet Food Made Easy

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If you own a pet, (dog and/or cat), you may be concerned with what they are consuming on a daily basis.  After all, pets become like part of the family.  Their health and well being is just as important.

Have you heard of Sojos?  It is all natural raw pet food.  Sojos has been in business since 1985.

What sets Sojos apart from other pet food?  It is actually made from scratch from actual whole food.  They currently sell raw food products for dogs and for cats.

Sojos sells products ranging from Turkey complete dog food to cat food and even treats.  They  even have GLUTEN-FREE for dogs and cats!  Pretty impressive.

I was a pet owner for years and miss having a dog around.  We plan on getting one again very soon.  I definitely want to look into Sojos.  They do have various locations.  There are a few west and north of the state.  They also have online retailers.

What are the prices like?

Complete dog food ranges from $25.20 to $89.95.  Grain free dog food mix ranges from $19.20 to $68.95.  Dog treats are $7.65.

Would you buy raw pet food for your pet?

Lindsey Jenn

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