Put a “Bow” on it….Andrea’s Beau

Put a “Bow” on it….Andrea’s Beau

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Andrea's Beau Hair Bows

Happy Fashion Friday!  Have you been noticing that the latest trend and accessory in fashion happens to be bows?  They have always been in style in some ways as they are just so stinkin’ adorable!

Bows are not just for little girls anymore.  I have been a fan of bow headbands for years.  Now, bows have the mature and sophisticated look and goes with basically any style.

Andrea’s Beau offers adorable bows for women and girls.  I’m thinking of picking out a few for my 3 girls as stocking stuffers and maybe one for me just because I’m feeling festive. Ha!

Are you a fan of bows?  Do you allow them to be a part of your fashion sense from time to time?  Feel free to share your experience, even if it was back when you were a little girl.

Lindsey Jenn

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