Saturday Super Sale-Michigan Arts Crafts Show 3/8-Livonia

Saturday Super Sale-Michigan Arts Crafts Show 3/8-Livonia

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Calling all Michigan Moms and Businesses!

You Are Invited to Saturday Super Sale – Michigan Arts Crafts Show


Laurel Park Place Mall 37700 West Six Mile Road, Livonia, MI Saturday March 8, October 11, 2014   9:30 am-6:00 pm.

Sell your products, services or promote your business! Hundreds of shoppers swarming all vendor tables!



Michigan Art Craft Décor, Gifts, Hats, Jewelry, & more!

The Saturday Super Sale began in Novi, Michigan as means to support the entrepreneurial spirit of people with disabilities in our community.

People with disabilities, the handicapped, and veterans are often not afforded equal employment opportunities and begin a micro-enterprise business selling hand crafted items including: ceramics, décor, gifts, jewelry, t-shirts and many other products.

“There are few affordable locations for these artisans to sell their creations to the community and those are generally provided by disability provider agencies.  This limits the goal of having a micro-enterprise provide a valued identity in the community at large.”

Looks like a fun time! Since I live near Laurel Park Mall, I may be stopping in to support the vendors.  With that said, mark your calendars!

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