My Mineral Lipstick Collection

My Mineral Lipstick Collection

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Have you jumped on board the mineral makeup train as of yet?  Since trying out Mineral Hygienics, my skin feels healthier and more light-weight than ever before.  I will not be returning to non-mineral based makeup anytime soon that is for sure.

Now that I have my eye shadow collection picked out to add to my makeup case, I am now transitioning into mineral lipstick.

There are 5 lipstick shades to choose from, but which ones will compliment me?

Mineral Pure Lips-Citrine


Mineral Pure Lips-Daylight/Mystic


Mineral Pure Lips-Magma/Rose


Mineral Pure Lips-Morph/Plum Raisin


Mineral Pure Lips-Celestial Champagne


I think I am leaning towards Plum Raisin and Magma/Rose!  Can’t wait to fully complete my makeup bag.  It looks like it’s getting closer and closer!  What shade would you choose?

Lindsey Jenn

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