Michigan Friends of Education Offers Free Book Program

Michigan Friends of Education Offers Free Book Program


Have you ever heard of Michigan Friends of Education?  “It is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping the community, especially for Michigan families who cannot afford to buy books for their children.”   Their aim for higher literacy is very commendable.  I am so pleased to be sharing this information with you.

Michigan Friends of Education makes it possible for families to get free books when it is nearly impossible to purchase the books themselves.  We know that books can cultivate a child’s creativity causing them to learn and grow in leaps and bounds.  If there is a child out there struggling with this opportunity, MFE would like to cater to that need.

“We worked closely with a variety of publishers and booksellers to make this program available to Michigan families,” said Menachem Kniespeck, president and CEO of MFE.  The response from families has been overwhelmingly positive.  Our volunteers are working extra shifts to quickly get books into the hands of thousands of kids.”

How can a family get books for free from MFEfamily.org?

Families are able to select as many as 14 books per order.  Keep in mind these books are free of charge.  The only financial obligation is that of the shipping charges along with a nominal handling fee of just $2.  Note: The shipping costs depends on the total weight of the books, packaging, and package size.

Who is eligible for the MFEfamily.org Free Book Program?

If you are a family residing in Michigan, you are eligible for the Michigan Friends of Education program.  Families need not worry if their income meets certain qualifications.  If you know of a family who is struggling with school-aged readers, this site is for them.

What kinds of books are available?

You can expect to see a good mixture of chapter books, leveled-readers, study aids, and even activity books.  This is for all grade levels.  New books arrive on a regular basis due to frequent inventory changes.

What if I would like to donate?

If you would like to make a donation to the Michigan community and make a child’s future even brighter, you can visit http://www.mfefamily.org.


Michigan Friends of Education
Menachem Kniespeck, President & CEO
Email: menachem@operationkidequip.org
Phone: (586) 649-7161
Website: http://www.mfefamily.org/

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