How to Convince your Kids to Never Text and Drive Again

How to Convince your Kids to Never Text and Drive Again

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If you are a parent of a child that is now in the driving stage of life, this may be a nerve-wracking experience for you and quite possibly your new driver.  My kids are not of driving age, but the thought makes me very nervous.

An ongoing problem with teens and driving seems to be texting and driving.  This is a common dangerous habit, especially if a new driver is on the road.  Many deadly accidents are caused by carelessness of texting and driving.  There has to be a way to stop this problem altogether.


Have you ever heard of Agent? {} Both young and old drivers are automatically shifted into “hands-free” texting mode without having to remember not to text and drive.

The app does this by intelligently detecting when a user is driving and then performing the following actions with no user intervention:

  1. Automatically silencing your teen’s phone.
  2. Automatically reading your teen’s incoming text messages aloud.
  3. Automatically responding to incoming text messages to let the sender know the recipient is driving and will respond shortly.

Instead of trying to convince teens not to text and drive, (something that is usually very hard to do), Agent provides an alternative set of behaviors that is simple and safe.

Do you think this app would be helpful for your teen?  I think I will utilize it when it’s time for my new drivers to get behind the wheel.  I think it will give parents the peace of mind they need the minute their teen heads out on the open road, especially with their cell phone.

Lindsey Jenn

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