The First SMART Swaddling Blanket

The First SMART Swaddling Blanket

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SwaddleDesigns has just introduced the world’s first SMART swaddling blanket.  Smartphone technology is now available on a baby blanket to ensure that soothing and swaddling a baby are all in the palm of a parent’s hand.

Wow! We sure have come a long way in terms of swaddling our sweet babies.  I wish this was available when my girls were in the “swaddling” phase.  This sounds really neat.


SwaddleDesigns is made in the USA! The brand has teamed up with renowned pediatrician Dr. Harvey Karp to offer a new product called “SwaddleClub,” which offers a unique QR code label sewn to the edge of the swaddling blanket making it easy for parents to access swaddling instructions, baby care videos, safe sleep information, and white noise.

Click link below for full press release on the world’s first SMART swaddling  blanket.

SwaddleClubPress ReleaseJan14[1]


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