NEW Personalized Coupon App: Savor

NEW Personalized Coupon App: Savor

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Okay, techy moms, here is a new coupon app you most definitely want to check out: Savor!

Savor offers the best coupons from hundreds of retailers in a super sleek, Flipboard-like digital catalog. The service just launched on iPad along with a newly redesigned website and desktop application.  Savor is different than other coupon aggregation sites because it delivers relevant and personalized deals based on the user’s Facebook profile – or what we call “social DNA”. Savor also strikes the fine balance between allowing the user to never miss out on a perfect deal, without overcrowding their inbox. Users simply login, verify their favorite retailers and shopping categories (Women’s Fashion, Men’s Fashion, Electronics, Gifts etc.) and Savor delivers a catalog of personalized coupons. Users just tap on a coupon that they like and they’re directed to the retailer’s website. Copy and paste the coupon code and voila – savings, simplified.


You can check out the desktop version of the site here:

Download the iPad app here:

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