The Life Organizer by Jennifer Louden {Book Review}

The Life Organizer by Jennifer Louden {Book Review}

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I was given a copy of The Life Organizer by  Jennifer Louden to review in exchange for this post.  All opinions expressed here are honest and my own.


Let’s face it! As women, aren’t we all trying to organize our life? We try this and try that to get by,week by week, day by day, and hour by hour.  Many women have become so ”busy” as we say these days. And we are just trying to fit {EVERYTHING} in.

Look no further as I share an interesting book you will want to get– The Life Organizer – A Woman’s Guide to a Mindful Year by Jennifer Louden.   This colorful paged book takes a step into the unknown for some. It explains how to set aside the norm of goal setting and encourages your inner spirit and mindfulness as your direction to organize your life.

The Life Organizer presents organizing in the moment and brings the big picture into the now and works for many situations – from helping you choose what to do next , to reducing stress and helping you live your values.


I personally loved how prayer and a bible verse were used in its introduction to prove it is a real soulful read. It wasn’t a book intended to be read cover to cover as it was mentioned to be an “interactive guidebook.” I also loved the attached bookmark so you can pick up where you left off reading if you so choose.

The Life Organizer has a quick “Mood Shifter” page where you can select the mood you’re currently feeling and see what pages apply to read; or….you can really go in-depth working on the Fifty-two Weeks of Mindful Living. There are many tips and stories to help focus and navigate your dreams.

Pick up a copy today and organize your life!


Cynthia Tait

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