The Practically Perfect Baby is Here!

The Practically Perfect Baby is Here!

 The founders of The Practically Baby would like me to share their news with you regarding their new blog.  Read below!


Blog provides parents with detailed schedules, routines, and advice for their baby’s first year.

Albuquerque, Tuesday, April 22, 2014 – The Practically Perfect Baby (PPB) has announced the launch of, an extensive and parent-friendly website introducing a “practical parenting” movement that offers an alternative to attachment parenting, for those who choose instead to schedule and sleep-train their babies from day one.  This teaching methodology is a “modern return” to the more traditional style of parenting that uses schedules and routines to create independent, self-soothing, “rock-star sleepers,” all within a peaceful and playful environment.  And it pledges to have babies sleeping through the night, every night, as soon as eight weeks.  The site is filled with creative and easy-to-follow posts that include original and printable schedules for the baby’s whole first year, as well as tons of product recommendations and guidance to help with feeding, sleep training, crying, behaving and shopping. This helpful resource takes out all of the guess-work of scheduling and lays out parenting advice in a stylized and retro format. Its goal is to make new parents feel empowered (never shamed!), confident, and able to enjoy a happy and peaceful family life by creating a restful babyhood for the baby (in which he can optimally learn, grow and thrive) and a durable and joyful marriage (devoid of the marital pitfalls that can occur as a result of sleepless nights and co-sleeping).  The site is also full of fun ideas about decorating the nursery, staying stylish in a world of sweats, and surviving the dreaded “cry it out” stage.

The blog is founded by sister team Whitney Fenlason and Amy Nadine Clement. Fenlason, a former teacher with a Master’s degree in education, is a mom to 21-month old son, Miller.  She understands first-hand the importance of consistency and routines for optimal learning and how confusing and frustrating it can be for a new parent trying to decipher all of the parenting literature out there.She explains “when I was pregnant I asked other moms at a baby shower how much sleep they got, they laughed in my face and told me I could forget about sleep for the next few years. Years?  I was shocked!  And then I became determined to find a way, so I researched and ultimately created a detailed and spelled-out set of schedules and routines that work beautifully.” She continues “Practically Perfect Baby promises babies and their parents a year of consistency, stability and sanity!” Clement is a skilled and successful blogger in the beauty industry [co-founder of] and enjoys making information accessible for everyone and easy to master. “I know our blog will simplify parents’ lives,” said Clement “and give them the confidence to know that they’re meeting their child’s needs.”

MISSION STATEMENTThe Practically Perfect Baby is a parenting movement that helps parents teach their babies how to feed, to nap, to self-soothe, to self-play, and to sleep through the night as soon as eight weeks old – it’s “a modern return to practical parenting” for parents seeking an updated but more traditional, non-attachment approach to their baby’s first year.  It offers practical schedules, advice, and tons of tips that create a peaceful, playful, consistent and stable babyhood and parenting experience – practically all of the time!

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