Keeping Your Car Interior Clean

Keeping Your Car Interior Clean

Who here can honestly say that the inside of their car is spotless all the time?  When it comes to kids and messes, it’s inevitable that the inside of a vehicle will become their personal space or even their garbage area from time to time. When we purchased our recent vehicle, I was determined to make some changes when it came to messes in the car.  How can it be done?  From muddy and wet shoes to garbage, toys, food, etc., it can become overwhelming eventually leading to a very messy and even smelly car. I have come up with 4 ways you can keep the inside of you car clean when it comes to kids.  We purchased our vehicle back in September and since I followed these steps, our car has been pretty neat and tidy even through the weather changes.  When it’s time for a deep cleaning, there won’t be that much to worry about.  Here are those 4 ways:

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