Get An Organized Garage For Summer

Get An Organized Garage For Summer

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It’s summer! The birds are singing and the sunshine is out. With the frequent use of your garage that is coming up, you’re probably noticing the mess of Christmas decorations, garden tools, and hardware that has been hibernating in the garage during the winter months.  Use these tips to get your garage back in shape for the Summer months.

1. Have a game plan:

Make sure you know what you want to use your garage for. A wood shop? A storage facility for all your holiday decorations? All of the above? Make a list of the many purposes your garage will serve. This will make the next step easier.

2. Clear out the clutter:

Here’s the part that is going to hurt. It’s time to part with all the items that you don’t use or don’t want anymore. Make piles of items that you would like to donate, throw away, and recycle. If parting with your unused stuff isn’t your strong suit, we recommend hiring a professional organizer. Utilizing their help, the transition is usually much easier than it would be doing everything by yourself.

3. Give Everything A Space:

It’s important when organizing that everything has a designated spot. This will make putting things away a breeze! If you’re not working with a large space, try creating nooks that are designated for exact purposes. Try storing holiday decoration in one spot, and tools and hardware in another. If you’re looking to create space without adding on, think about using overhead storage.

4. Store Hazardous Items Safely:

If you have children, they’ll probably be in and out of the garage this summer getting pool toys and outdoor equipment. Be sure to explain to them the hazards of car chemicals and cleaning supplies. A great way to keep these items out of children’s grasp is by utilizing lockable cabinets. Not only will these cabinets keep your family safe, but they will also keep items out of sight and in a dust-free environment.


Getting your garage organized can be easy as pie. Just make sure you have a clear plan laid out and stick to it.

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