The Best Anti-Cyberbullying Apps for your Phone

The Best Anti-Cyberbullying Apps for your Phone

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As you know, we live in a world where technology is the focus.  With the internet at our fingertips and cyberbullying on the rise (87% of youths have witnessed it while online), parents are becoming even more concerned about the issue and how it will affect their children.

Here are some great anti-bullying apps for your phone or tablet that will help prevent children from being the subject of cyberbullying as well as inspire them to take action against anything they see.

The following apps are riddled with various options for parental controls as well as image/site blocking and reporting capabilities, providing a way for parents to protect their children in a way they normally couldn’t:


STOPit: This app is great for engaging children in helping prevent and report bullying through four different channels: STOPit, HELPit, FRIENDit, REPORTit. These channels allow children to anonymously capture and share/report offensive material with a trusted adult as well as seek help and advice around the clock. 

Belly Button

Bully Button: This app is great for educational purposes as it is a great place for children to go to answer questions and learn more about how to recognize bullying and prevent it.  It also is a resource with contact information on hotlines to help through depression, suicide prevention and even need for counseling or peer understanding.


GoGoStat: This group of apps offers parents various ways to keep track of their child’s social media activity.  While some of the apps available are free and others have a monthly fee, you can pick and choose which one fits your needs.  With this group of apps, parents can easily monitor who their kids are adding on social media, their interactions and the ability to step in and block or remove a person who is becoming a bully.


Mobicip Safe Browser with Parental Control: This app gives parents a lot of control right off the bat.  Parents can monitor activity, as well as block sites, subjects and people they don’t want their kids exposed to.  The app give kids the freedom to interact online while giving parents the peace of mind that they won’t come across anything inappropriate or harmful. 

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