5 Ways You and Your Kids Can Give Back #50StatesforGood

5 Ways You and Your Kids Can Give Back #50StatesforGood

Have you heard of Tom’s of Maine a park in need in the Detroit area?  It is currently undergoing a makeover so children nearby will have a safe and fun place to play.

As moms, life can definitely be hectic so as part of its 60th annual 50 States for Good program, Tom’s of Maine has listed 5 ways for you to help your Michigan community.  All free and super easy to do!  It can be a challenge at times to find activities that give back for children.  Hopefully this list will be of help to you and your family.

1.       Nominate a Nonprofit

  • Have your kids think of causes or charities they would like to help and together research one to nominate. Then visit http://bit.ly/50SFG to submit their name and cause for a chance to win $10K in project funding! It just takes a few minutes and is completely free!
  1. Hold a Lemonade Stand That Gives Back
  • Help your children set up a lemonade stand whose profits will go towards their favorite cause.  You can also add a donation jar in which passerby’s can also donate extra when buying their cup!
  1. Be a Virtual Volunteer
  • Tom’s of Maine is asking America to lend its social media power to help decide which items are added to the park, from  a basketball court, swing sets, park benches, picnic tables and more. Have your kids pick their favorite item and visit http://bit.ly/50SFG to learn how in a few simple clicks you can post a social post to help!
  1. Do a Litter Pickup
  • Often times, parks, beaches and streets have litter that might have missed during sweeps. Grab a pair of gloves, a trash bag, your kids and spend time cleaning up your favorite local spot.
  1. Donate What You Already Have
  • Have your children pick 5 toys to donate to a local shelter. They will enjoy knowing their toys they hardly play with will go to kids who will appreciate them instead of the garbage.



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