Thred Up: “Like an Online #ConsignmentStore, Only Simpler”

Thred Up: “Like an Online #ConsignmentStore, Only Simpler”

I am so excited about a an online store called Thred Up! You have probably heard about it by now or have even seen advertisements throughout Facebook and beyond.

Basically, Thred Up is an “online consignment store, only simpler.”  Yes, this is quoted directly from their site as it is very well said and about the site in a nutshell!

You can buy and sell women, kids, shoes, handbags and more!  I also love their incentive “Share and Earn $10.” Your friend gets $10 to spend and you get $10 when they spend it! Gotta love that!

I have my eye on fall dresses under $25!  The only tricky thing is the item you spot may not be in your size, but this is the nature of a consignment style shop.  Many of the items are from top designer brands such as Banana Republic, J. Crew, and more!

And what about those boots ladies?  Gotta have boots!  The styles and prices available are phenomenal!

When you are done shopping for yourself….Ohhh wait and handbags! Can’t forget those. 😉 Okay now, when you are done shopping for yourself, you can get amazing deals on clothes for the kiddies.  I am excited about stocking up on winter items for my girls.  I just love Thred Up!



Lindsey Jenn

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