Do you Love Golf? Check out the #ExtraCaddy {Review}

Do you Love Golf? Check out the #ExtraCaddy {Review}

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I received an Extra Caddy to review in exchange for this post.  All opinions expressed here are honest and my own.


My husband goes golfing about once a week, so when I was offered the opportunity to review the Extra Caddy I was very excited to involve him in my product reviews. Because he is very skilled when it comes to golfing, and I am a beginner, we got to review the product for different skill levels. Continue reading to learn about my experience with the Extra Caddy.

The Extra Caddy is made to make golfing easier. When you hit a ball into the trees or in a sand trap and you don’t know which club you’ll need you can stick a couple of clubs in the Extra Caddy, instead of carrying your entire bag.

Watch this intro to the Extra Caddy to learn more.

I really liked the design of the Extra Caddy. It is lightweight, sleek, and the shoulder strap makes it barely noticeable. Simply, it’s design is exactly is what I am looking for in a tool that helps me carry my clubs.


Like I stated earlier, I’m a beginner, and I found the Extra Caddy really helpful. Many times I’d hit the ball in the trees and not know which club to use, and it was so easy to throw just a few clubs in the Extra Caddy instead of carrying around the whole bag. My husband is more skilled than I am; because of this he didn’t need to bring a lot of different clubs with him when chasing a ball. For that reason he preferred to carry his clubs by hand.

I think that the Extra Caddy would make a great gift for older members of your family who like to golf, but have a hard time carrying things for a long ways. It would also make a great gift for children who are just getting started with golf.  The Extra Caddy can be purchased on Amazon.



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