Announcing the Launch of Eat Make Celebrate

Announcing the Launch of Eat Make Celebrate

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Eat Make Celebrate, is a modern lifestyle resource that just launched. The site is comprised of easy to learn how-to videos and tips designed to make every day occasions just a little bit sweeter.”

Classic and trend-driven, evergreen and seasonal, Yasmina Jacobs, founder of Eat Make Celebrate (and most recently co-founder and creative director of Sugar & Plumm, a New York-based bistro, bakery and chocolate shop), covers topics relating to DIY, home, entertaining, cooking/baking, beauty and other daily lifestyle moments.

For Halloween, Eat Make Celebrate is featuring topics such as “No Carve Pumpkins,” “Grown-up Caramel Apples made with Beer Caramel,” “Bat Cake,” “Spiderweb Manicure,” and “RIP Tombstone Cupcakes. Between tomorrow and Friday, Eat Make Celebrate will release videos on “Candy Corn Manicure,” “Spiderweb and Spookyface Cupcakes,” and “Ghost Nail Art.”
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