It’s a Perfectly Posh Kind of Day #BlogParty Day 1 Ends 11/7

It’s a Perfectly Posh Kind of Day #BlogParty Day 1 Ends 11/7

I am a Perfectly Posh Independent Consultant.  If you purchase a product in my links during the blog party, I receive a percentage of commissions.  Thanks for your support.


Welcome to {day 1 }of my Perfectly Posh Launch Party {Blogging Style}.  I know this may seem a bit unusual to be doing a launch party through a blog, but I am up for something different and for the challenge.  I pondered my first online event being through Facebook, but decided on that for my second party.

As a busy mom, I understand it can be a challenge going to direct sales parties or even hosting one.  Originally, this was my concern before signing on to be an Independent Consultant for Perfectly Posh, but almost everyone seems to be internet savvy and prefer to use it for online shopping purposes including online parties.


How can one try out the products if the party is online?  Excellent question.  This was also something I pondered, but it also got my creative juices flowing.  This will be done in the form of giveaways and simply just mailing out samples, etc.  I will even randomly select a mystery hostess so that she may take advantage of the perks and rewards just like you would at a physical party.  The possibilities are definitely endless.  If you get creative with me, we can achieve success on both ends.

Before moving forward, what exactly is Perfectly Posh?

We offer skin care products that are natural, loaded with essential oils, made with milk, honey, or beeswax.  100% Vegan!  Not only are they beneficial, they are definite eye candy.


Because I have very sensitive skin, I need the natural approach.  Since I am in love with essential oils, I was ecstatic to find out that they are in many of Perfectly Posh products.  My skin has never been better since using them.  I am so excited to share what Perfectly Posh has to offer in order for you to be and feel pampered.

Here is what I have on display:

  • The Healer Skin Sticks
  • Big Fat Yummy Hand Crème
  • Chunk! Big Bath Bar
  • Skindelicious Bath Butter
  • Mint for Each Other Body Scrub
  • Shine Bright Diamond Scrub
  • All Mixed Up 6 Pack (Bath and shower steamers)
  • Posh Life Coconut Oil
  • Pamperology: Honey and Annatto
  • Lip Dye: Posh Pink
  • Clearly, I Sparkle Lipgloss
  • Classic Pink Snarky Bar

I would first like to talk about the healer sticks.  This works wonderfully on my girls chapped lips and mine as well.


It is also beneficial  for mild burns, dark spots,  and more.  Feel free to click the image to give you full details and price of the product.  What sold me on this product is that it is fragranced with citrus essential oil and peaceful vanilla!  Key ingredient? Shea butter!  It is so gentle.  My oldest daughter applied it to her upper lip last night as it was raw from constant nose blowing.  The next morning it was no longer raw.  She was pleasantly impressed.  I carry it wherever I go.

Now onto the Big Fat Yummy Hand Crème!

I have two in front of me:


These are great and a lot of fun.  The scents are amazing.  I love how soft it makes my hands.  Definitely makes your hands feel pampered without the nasty greasy feeling.  Feel free to click each image above to get full details on what the key ingredients are.  I will be putting together samples very soon.

Stay tuned for day 2 of my Perfectly Posh party launch {blogging style}, tomorrow, November 4th.  I will talk about the Chunk! Bath Bar, Skindelicious Bath Butter, and Mint for Each Other Body Scrub.

Feel free to check out my Events Page if you would like to browse and shop around, or feel free to take a look at our catalog.  Enjoy!

I will be giving away a mystery Perfectly Posh item on Friday…stay tuned for that!

See you tomorrow! 😉

Lindsey Jenn

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