Fire HD Kids Edition Tablet

Fire HD Kids Edition Tablet

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Are you tired of your kiddies playing with your tablet?  For the longest time I made a vow that my Kindle Fire would be hands-off to my kids, but the fact is it’s impossible.  There are benefits to children using tablets and computers in moderation as it’s a learning experience for them.


With that said, a tablet designed specifically for kids is a brilliant idea. My Amazon product pick of the week is the  Fire HD Kids Edition Tablet.  This is a real tablet, it’s not a toy…for more details about this product and for a possible Christmas gift idea, click here.  It comes in a variety of colors and is $149.00 with FREE Shipping.  Now, this price may seem outrageous for 1 kid as a Christmas gift, it definitely seems that way to me as I am a stickler for a budget.  It may be more practical to have family go in on it or even have it be a shared gift item among siblings.  This could be for the younger crowd as the teen and tween years are more possessive. 😉

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