Holiday Shopping Safety & Self-Defen​se Tips from Expert, Jarrett Arthur

Holiday Shopping Safety & Self-Defen​se Tips from Expert, Jarrett Arthur
With Black Friday and the holiday season kicking off soon, it means a lot of shoppers, chaos and distractions, particularly in parking decks and parking lots, as well as an increased crime rate.  Here is a link from Jarrett’s recent segment on GMA with a few tips (which are also listed below).
Tips for parking decks/lots (prime territory for criminals):
-Park in a well lit area or by the entrance of the shopping center.
-Check on the side, underneath and inside of your car.
-Get off of your cell phone.
-Carry your keys in your hand rather than digging through your purse.
Tips for Black Friday/holiday shopping
-Have an escape plan and a pre-determined meeting place with family.
-Crowds are dangerous – small scuffles can turn dangerous and close quarters are prime pickpocketers. Throw in the towel if a situation becomes uncomfortable.
-Pay attention to your surroundings, not toy ABC, and don’t ignore someone who is behaving oddly.
About Jarrett Arthur:

Jarrett Arthur is one of the highest ranking female instructors in Krav Maga (Israeli Self-Defense) in the country. For over 10 years she’s been educating and instructing men, women, and kids about the importance of practical, effective self-defense and personal safety knowledge. In 2009 she founded M.A.M.A. (Mothers Against Malicious Acts), a self-defense system designed exclusively for moms and all people responsible for the wellbeing of children. Jarrett has been featured as an expert on national television shows including Good Morning America,  Ellen, Access Hollywood and Good Day LA, as well as in numerous publications including Fitness Magazine, SHAPE, Parents, and The New York Times.

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