$10,000 Scholarships for Moms Available! Apply Today Ends 1/15/2015

$10,000 Scholarships for Moms Available! Apply Today Ends 1/15/2015

Who is ready to take a leap of faith and head back to school?  I have been contemplating this when I came across scholarship offers designed specifically for moms.

I currently have a degree in Child Development, but have been thinking about going back for business and marketing.  Wouldn’t it be great to get awarded with a scholarship to do so?  I know that there is no way I can go back without some sort of assistance so this would be great.  Whether you are a married or single mom, www.scholarships4moms.net is for you.

I know the banner above says the deadline is for Sept. 16th, this was for 2014.  They have extended into 2015 with a deadline date of Jan. 15th.  Hurry and take advantage of this opportunity while you can.  You never know, you may be blessed with a scholarship to head back to school.

Are you wanting to go back to school?  If you won a $10,000 scholarship, what would your plan of study be?

Lindsey Jenn

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