Beautiful Charms Hidden in your Favorite Candle Scents

Beautiful Charms Hidden in your Favorite Candle Scents

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Jewelry hidden inside of candles.  Who would have thought?  My family is hooked.  It’s fun getting a variety of fun candle scents (100% Soy and Infused with Essential Oils).

Jewelry in Candles is having something fun going on with their Pink Flame Premium Collection.  They have teamed up with Charm America to create something awesome.

All of the Pink Flame candles have a .925 sterling silver to solid gold with precious gems.  I can’t wait to see what surprise is waiting inside.  There are over 400 of these charm necklaces hiding inside of each Pink Flame JIC.

The scent Essence of Jasmine “creates a calming and inviting atmosphere.”  For more details about the Pink Flame Collection, click here.

The Essence of Jasmine candle is originally $49.99, but it’s currently on sale for $35.41. Nice deal.  Gotta love those deals, right moms?



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