Kuviez Sheets Keep Kids Covered All Night {Review}

Kuviez Sheets Keep Kids Covered All Night {Review}

I received a set of Kuviez sheets to try in exchange for this review.  All opinions expressed here are honest and my own.


Are you tired of your child’s regular sheets sliding off every single night?  My 5-year-old tends to get tangled in her sheets as she rolls and kicks around.  Very frustrating.

I was recently introduced to a new invention of sheets that I think are absolutely brilliant! Have you heard of Kuviez?  We received the Pink Star Wishes sheet set to give a try.  Let me just say I am pumped about this product!

Kuviez was invented by a mom! Ready full story here.


There are literally top 10 reasons why moms love Kuviez. {Pronounced “Kuv” like covers and “iez” for easy.} I am definitely one of those moms now, check out why:

  1. Kuviez sheets keep kids covered all night….I can vouch to say YES, my sweet 5-year-old stayed covered.  She usually wakes up in the night tangled or sheets completely  on the floor.  Not this time!
  2. Kuviez sheets anchor in place on your bed….They absolutely do! So cool too.  It contains their signature V-shaped elastic which anchors the fitted sheet on the mattress.
  3. Kuviez Kids sleep sound and secure…My 5-year-old on the first night didn’t wake up once and actually woke up more refreshed and happy the next morning.  Amazing!
  4. Kuviez sheets are child safety tested and approved…Definitely believable!
  5. Kuviez spacious, 100% cotton fabric opens natural air flow…..You can definitely feel the difference with these sheets vs. traditional sheets.
  6. Kuviez quality button control is consistent and reliable…The button is what I absolutely love about the sheets.  Keeps it secure and in place.
  7. Kuviez empowers kids to easily cover themselves…Yes! My daughter actually had no problems covering herself up.  She always struggled with the other sheets.
  8. Kuviez daily bed making is easy.  Simply smooth and straighten…Yes, it’s as simple as that.  My little one is happy to make her own bed without that added frustration.
  9. Kuviez unique pillow pocket holds your pillow….Yay, it does that too!
  10. Kuviez easy care sheets finish smooth from the dryer…Absolutely! After receiving them we threw them in the dryer and they were perfect.

There you have it.  What sets Kuviez sheets apart from regular sheets?

  • Regular sheets slide off every night!
  • Regular sheets always slip off mattress corners.
  • Kids get tangled in the regular, uncontrolled, kicked around sheets.
  • Regular stuff, tucked sheets restrict and limit ventilation.
  • Normal sheets are always untucked, messy, and unpredictable.
  • Kids with regular sheets always need moms help covering.
  • Tucking sheets every day is a back-breaking hassle!
  • Pillows are slippery and easily slide out of regulars cases.
  • Normal tucked sheets are rumpled and need ironing.


If you have a child who is having issues with their regular sheets, they will most definitely benefit from Kuviez sheets.

Kuviez sheets are $59.99, but currently on sale for $49.99 right on their website.

To stay up date with Kuviez, you can follow them on Facebook,  Twitter,  and Pinterest.

A BIG thank you to Kuviez for giving us this amazing opportunity to try out their sheets.  You are a God-send!

Lindsey Jenn

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