Anti-Bullying Activities for Kids

Anti-Bullying Activities for Kids


Bullying is becoming a major problem and concern in schools and beyond.  Can bullying be prevented?  After all, kids go to school to learn, not to get bullied.  Bullying can be verbal, physical, and emotional.  No matter how you stack the cards, a bully feels they have the upper hand in any situation. You may have noticed that in schools all across the country, anti-bullying programs and campaigns are being formed to raise awareness. There are many victims of bullying that have even led to suicide.  This is not only heart-breaking, but definitely not okay.

How do we encourage kids to rise up against bullying or even turn bullies away from this terrible act?  Fortunately, on top of programs and campaigns, there are anti-bullying quotes and even activities to help kids work together.  I came across a variety of unique and inspiring activities that help battle bullying.  Here are 10 ideas to share with your kids:

1. Friendship – This is a great antibullying activity for younger kids.  Have each kid dip a hand in whatever color of paint they choose and put a handprint on the wreath.  Each friend keeps doing this all the way around the wreath.  It looks pretty awesome when completed.

2. Fill a Bucket – This is a great bulletin board activity or even a sibling activity. Filling a bucket with positive words and actions is very important.  Purchase mini buckets or something that resembles a bucket.  Glue on a child’s picture and hang from clothes pin and string onto a wall or wherever you think would work to encourage children to fill each other’s buckets.  This could be with a kind word written down, stickers, etc.

3. Anti-Bullying “I” Message -This is a message not seen on any iPhone or Smartphone.  Write at the top of a poster board “I Message”: I feel____________ when you_____________.  I would like_______________.

For more anti-bullying activities and ideas, visit my guest post over at: Drive Pearl Automotive.

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