Add Some Spice to your Favorite Meals with J.M. Thomason Gourmet Seasonings & Spices {Review}

I received samples of J.M. Thomason Gourmet Seasoning & Spices in exchange for this review.  All opinions expressed here are honest and my own.


Do you love adding special seasonings and spices to your favorite dinner entrees?  Chicken? Fish? Steak?

Heifer International has teamed up with J.M Thomason Gourmet Seasonings & Spices of Franklin, TN to add some “spice” to your favorite meals.  With Mother’s Day around the corner, this may spark some ideas.

With six custom spice blends created from locally-made and globally-sourced spices, this could be the perfect gift for anyone.  Not only will you be spicing up an entrée with flavors like Chili Lime and Tuscan Dipping Oil Blend, you will also be “changing a family’s life as a portion of each product sold benefits Heifer International.

“Heifer International is a 70-year old organization whose mission is to work to eradicate poverty around the world and provide families and communities with the tools they need to thrive.”

spice spice2 spice3

I received three fantastic seasonings and spices that we tried with chicken and fish.  I can’t wait to try the dipping oil next.

  1. Chili Lime
  2. Tuscan Dipping Oil
  3. Hot Chicken

My husband is a fan of grilling so he was pretty excited to use the Chili Lime on grilled Salmon and the Hot Chicken on grilled chicken.  Let me just say that the flavors were beyond amazing.  It was the best chicken and fish my husband has grilled to date thanks to these amazing spices.  Honestly, it’s our new favorites.

We haven’t gotten a chance to try the Tuscan Dipping Oil as of yet, but it’s next on our dinner menu and should be just as fantastic!

For more information on J.M Thomason and Heifer International, please visit their websites below –

J.M. Thomason:

Heifer International:

I would like to personally thank the folks over at J.M. Thomason for allowing me to try these amazing seasonings and spices.  I look forward to adding spice to many more meals in the future.





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