The Beebo: A Hands Free Bottle Holder

The Beebo: A Hands Free Bottle Holder

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Instead of the typical flowers, chocolate or jewelry for Mother’s Day, how about something she actually NEEDS, but has never seen before? If you know a mom-to-be or a new mother to an infant, she will be floored when she sees the Beebo – a hands free bottle holder!

When bottle feeding, you can often find yourself one hand short when life happens; the phone rings, someone knocks on your door or another child needs your attention.

The Beebo frees up a hand to caress, burp or even read a book to your baby while you’re feeding. It conveniently holds the bottle in a consistent, stable feeding position so that your baby is more likely to finish the entire bottle.

Read while you feed. Comfort another child with your free hand. Join the family dinner. The Beebo enhances feeding time and keeps your baby close while you manage your busy day.

This Mother’s Day, treat yourself to the freedom you deserve with The Beebo.

The Beebo, created by a working dad from Florida, gives mom that free hand she needs. The Beebo allows moms to eat, answer the phone, read to her baby, and tend to her other children while her baby has a bottle.

So how does it work? It sits on mom’s shoulder and is compatible for either the left or the right side. The bottle is popped into the soft flexible holder which also swivels for the perfect angle during feeding. The Beebo is lightweight and just needs soap and water for cleaning. 

 Martin Hill, dadpreneur, got the idea while feeding his first child. It was then he realized he needed an extra hand but there was nothing on the market. After reliving the same problems with his second child, the former electrical engineer decided to put his idea to work. Hill made his first prototype by carving through foam and even searched for a the perfect BlackBerry belt clip case to rotate the Beebo as needed.

The Beebo can be purchased at in convenient colors of aqua, yellow or orange.

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