Tips For Summer Organization

Tips For Summer Organization

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The days are longer, birds are chirping, and the kids are home all day; it must be summer! Somehow, with all the free time that comes along with summer, it can be hard to find time for things like getting organized. That’s why I’m sharing my top tips for getting organized quickly and no-brainer ways to stay that way.

First, enlist help! If you have kids at home, spend a day cleaning out the garage together. It can be a bonding experience and can help make everyone’s time spent in the garage in the future, better.


Start by taking everything out of the garage. Make piles for items to keep, donate, and throw away. Motivate kids to get involved by offering them a prize for getting rid of some many items. Or, bring them with you when you donate the items and explain to them that other, no-fortunate children will be happy from the donations.

Next, decide on a storage solution for your garage. Do you have a lot of long-term storage items? Frequently used items? Whatever the case, there is a storage system made just for that function. Unsure what tool would best help you? You can take a quiz here.

Try using hook shelving that is used frequently by your family. Items for smaller children can be kept at their height level, items that you don’t want them to get into can be kept up high, at adult height.

picture 1
Frequently used items that are smaller can be kept in buckets. We love using these for shoes or small toys. Balls and sports equipment can be kept in a specialized ball bag that can be used for sports in a hurry. These ball bags also work great for storage pool toys and noodles.
 picture 2
Long-term storage items can be stored on overhead storage racks. This will help you to take advantage of ceiling and wall space.
picture 3
Try using lockable cabinets if you have items you want to keep out of sight or out of reach of small children.
picture 4
With a spot of everything it will be easier to keep your garage organized in the future. Children get excited when they can help out, so by installing hook systems at children’s height they will be more likely to put an item back where it belongs after use.
picture 5
Enjoy your new system and the summer weather.

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