One Last Thing to Pack for Camp Which Could Save a Life

One Last Thing to Pack for Camp Which Could Save a Life


For many kids, Summer Camp is just days away, and for many parents that means a certain degree of worrying. 1000 things can happen to your children when they are out of your watchful care, especially if they suffer from asthma, extreme allergies, or some other medical condition. Now, most likely, this summer will simply be one of fun and lifelong memories, but just in case, it doesn’t hurt to have a net.

CORANet solutions offers just such a net. With their CORALink App parents can be comforted with an emergency response system like no other. Should an emergency occur your child simply needs to click on button and 911 will not only be notified with their geolocation but pertinent information such as blood type, allergies, and other known medical issues, ensuring the first responders also respond right. You, as the assigned emergency contact will also be notified of the situations so that as parent you are NEVER out of the loop. Additionally camp counselors or first responding camp staff will also be able to see your child’s medical records via the app. Having their information on file is important, making sure those treating your child has that information ASAP is even more so. This summer is sure to be an amazing one, with CORALink it can also be worry free…or at the very least less worrisome.

Lindsey Jenn

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