Hey Kids Let’s Cook Marathon 6/27-6/28

Hey Kids Let’s Cook Marathon 6/27-6/28


Looking for your kids to develop some valuable life skills this summer?  The award-winning PBS series Hey Kids Let’s Cook! is back for another summer marathon on Create TV on June 27 & 28.

Now on its 3rd season, Hey Kids Let’s Cook! encourages kids to cook while teaching about nutrition and problem solving in a fun and exciting way! Hey Kids Let’s Cook! is a great tool to get your child interested in cooking, and offers an opportunity for you to have fun in the kitchen with your kids.

Airing times are:

Sat. June 27 6:00am (last episode airs at 9:30am)

Sat. June 27 6:00pm (last episode airs at 9:30pm)

Sun. June 28 12:00pm (last episode airs at 3:30pm)

Image courtesy of PBS

Lindsey Jenn

2 thoughts on “Hey Kids Let’s Cook Marathon 6/27-6/28

  1. Nice, it is important to develop skills in kids specially related to nutrition and health; by this they will have knowledge and will learn about the body essentials to keep it active and healthy. “Hey kid lets cook” have nice cookbooks, easy and healthy recipes, perfect for the kids to stay safe and to enjoy having fun in the kitchen.
    Thanks for sharing Lindsey.

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