Rise and Shine Campers! Maker Camp Kicks Off Today (Free Virtual Summer Camp)

Rise and Shine Campers! Maker Camp Kicks Off Today (Free Virtual Summer Camp)

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SAN FRANCISCO, Calif.  (Marketwired – July 6, 2015) – Maker Camp, the free, 6-week virtual summer camp for young Makers interested in DIY, making, creating, crafting, hacking, tinkering and learning, begins today with several new features including a site redesign. The updated site features an improved user experience, lively animations and interactive graphics. The upgrades coincide with the rapid growth of the Maker Camp program, which has reached over 1 million users since the initial launch in 2012.

“We’re really excited for what’s in store for Maker Camp this year! We have an awesome new set, a new website, and six amazing new themes, with cool projects, field trips and special guests,” said Kelli Townley, Maker Camp head of production. “There has been so much thought and time put into this program. I truly think our campers, affiliates and partners will find the new format and content engaging and valuable, but also super fun — videos they’ll want to re-watch again and again.”

Maker Camp is different than a traditional summer camp because the program takes place online and allows young Makers to join from anywhere including home, mobile device or local community spaces.  It does however emulate many of the customary summer camp themes, activities and memories including projects, field trips, and counselor-led experiences. While many participate virtually, the affiliate program also gives campers the ability to meet in-person and work on projects together. To-date, there are nearly 700 affiliate locations this summer, with the goal of 1,000.


In addition to a brand-new website, the counselor-led activity program has also gone through a significant overhaul. As head of production, Townley has established a daily and weekly cadence for Maker Camp that is reminiscent of popular children’s shows.  Pre-recorded program content is unlocked each day to give kids something to look forward to when they visit makercamp.com. The daily content follows a pattern of “Explore. Make. Share,” which will feature interviews with special guests and Makers, technique demonstrations and fun project walkthroughs. The daily Maker Camp “share” will encourage campers to post projects they made personally, for a chance to be featured in future Maker Camp videos.

Maker Camp 2015, sponsored by Intel and AT&T, begins today and runs until August 14. The 2015 themes include: Far-Out Future, Flight, Fun and Games, Fantasy, Funkytown and Farmstead.

To learn more about Maker Camp, to become an affiliate, or to register for free as an individual, please visit the homepage at makercamp.com. For those interested in purchasing a Maker Camp materials kit, are available on makershed.com.


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