SipSnap Lids {Mommy Review by Megan}

SipSnap Lids {Mommy Review by Megan}


Mommy reviewer Megan Charrette, received SipSnap Lids (valued at $19.95) to review in exchange for this post.  All opinions expressed here are honest and her own.


Recently I was given the awesome opportunity to review SipSnap Lids.  I was intrigued from the moment they were delivered. A lid for ANY cup?  Let’s check this out.

“SipSnap is the universal ‘one size fits all’ drink lid that can be stretched to fit over any cup in your home. SipSnap is made up of 100% food safe silicone, and allows consumers to reduce waste by stretching the product around their existing cups. This eco-friendly feature also gives parents more control over what kind of material their kids drink from. SipSnap comes in two versions. SipSnap TOT has a durable, chew-resistant drinking spout for toddlers and SipSnap KID has a hole that can fit any size straw for bigger kids. SipSnap is a must-have gift to give a new parent and help all caregivers, grandparents and more as we journey daily inside and outside the home with SipSnap. “


I’ve got two sippy-cup-using kids of my own, but I also babysit my nephew and niece.  Four kids, three years old and under means I need lots of cups that don’t spill. Limited cupboard space (and a mild cleaning compulsion) meaning I can’t have a lot of clutter in my cupboard.


Then enters SipSnap lids. I received two boxes. One with the sip cup spout and the other with holes for straws. They are soft and stretchy, come in a variety of bright, kid-pleasing colors – which means everyone can have their favorite.

The kids had a blast testing them out. The SipSnap Lids fit every cup we tried and had to be shaken pretty vigorously (even for my wild kiddies) before they leaked even a little.


One of the best things about them is the idea that I can take them anywhere and essentially always have a cup with me without always {having a cup with me}.  They even come with a handy little plastic carrying case so you can keep one clean in your bag at all times.


Cut to a typical lunch time at my house. I’m here with my 4 kid crew who are all eating happily (making a mess and complaining) while I get the drinks. Instead of fumbling around the cupboard and dishwasher trying to piece together some semblance of beverage delivery that will please everyone, I am set at ease. I open the cupboard, take out some cups and some SipSnap Lids, and I’m good to go.


You can purchases SipSnap Lids on their website.

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Michigan Mom Living would like to thank the folks over at SipSnap for allowing Megan (Mommy Reviewer) to review your products.  She is enjoying them!

Images courtesy of SipSnap.




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