My Kids are LOVING Sock Puppet Charades and Tugie {Review}

My Kids are LOVING Sock Puppet Charades and Tugie {Review}

pageI received the games Sock Puppet Charades and Tugie ($19.99 and $29.99 Value) by Marbles Brain Store in exchange for this review.  All opinions expressed here are honest and my own.

Are your kiddies a fan of board games?  How about games that really engage your children all the while boosting creativity?  Marbles the Brain Store recently gave my family the opportunity of reviewing two of their new games: Sock Puppet Charades and Tugie.

First off, what is Tugie?  It’s a very easy game.  Each player rolls the dice to see which color piece that you need to tug from the tugie tower.  If a piece falls when you tug, you must keep them.  The player with the least amount of fallen pieces wins.  My kids are hooked to this game.  I actually kind of like it too. 😉 So fun.  This game is for ages 5+ and is for two players.


Sock Puppet Charades is a blast also.  This game helps blossom your child’s creative.  All you do is grab a charades card then put on one or two puppet socks (blue and yellow).  They are so cute.  Start the timer and perform!  Each player receives points for correct answers and the highest score is the “puppet master.”  It helps to build word skills and hand-eye coordination.  This game is designed for ages 8+, but my 6 year old really enjoys it too.  3-6 players can play this fun game together.  Sounds of laughter could be heard in the other room as they played this game.  So fun.

I highly recommend both games for all families.  So much fun and a chance to pull them away from screen time.  Definite plus!

To learn more about these games and others visit. or visit them on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

I would like to thank the folks over at Marbles the Brain Store for allowing my family to review these games.  It has been a blast!

Images courtesy of Marbles the Brain Store.


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